5 Habits for Better Joint Health

5 Habits for Better Joint Health

5 Habits for Better Joint Health

Patricia Torres | July 3, 2024

What are 5 good habits for joint health?

  1. Exercise daily
  2. Maintain a healthy diet
  3. Practice good posture
  4. Select the right footwear
  5. Pay attention to your joint pain


  • Experiencing rheumatic issues may be a recurring phenomenon as you age.
  • Investing and engaging in good habits may lessen joint pain and ensure good joint health now and in the future.
  • These proactive habits include daily exercise, having a balanced diet, practicing good posture, favoring the right footwear, and addressing present joint pain.

Rheumatic conditions and diseases are a prevailing concern in the Philippines. Adults and even young ones can experience joint issues such as rheumatoid arthritis.

While it is true that you will gradually experience pain in your knees, hips, and spines, you can still mitigate and alleviate it by cultivating and incorporating good habits for your joint health into your daily routine.

Being proactive now can make a significant difference in how well your joints function as you age. By making these habits part of your day-to-day life, you’ll not only benefit your joints but you might also find these habits enhance your quality of life.

Exercise Daily

Engaging in regular physical activity is good for your joints. It is a key aspect of joint health. The more you move, the less stiff your joints would feel. Exercising strengthens the muscles that support the knees, reduces weight gain that can put excess strain on your knee joints, and improves your balance lessening the risk of injuries to your joint points.

While having an active lifestyle is beneficial to your health, make sure not to overdo your routines. Overexcercing will weaken your muscles and can even lead to strains, sprains, and ligament tears.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Maintain a healthy diet

A diet does not just mean weight loss. It should incorporate the nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and carbs that your joints and body need to function throughout the day.

Different foods affect your joints in different ways. For instance, anti-inflammatory foods like fatty fish, berries, nuts, and olive oil can help lower inflammation in the body. On the other hand, eating nutrient-rich food like leafy greens, eggs, organ meats, and bone broth can help maintain bones and the cartilage that cushions your joints.

You can also take supplements by incorporating USANA’s Procosa into your diet. It helps with joint discomfort or stiffness that comes with maintaining an active lifestyle.

Practice Good Posture

Aside from watching your daily intake and going on regular physical activities, one of the other habits you can do for your joint health is practicing good posture. Bad posture will over time place stress on your joints, leading to cartilage damage.

You can incorporate it by making sure your head is level and in line with your body while standing up and keeping your shoulders back. Your stomach should be tucked in and your feet placed shoulder-width apart.

When sitting, you can keep your back against the chair, your knees level with your hips or slightly below them, and your feet resting either flat on the floor or in the little gap between your knees and the chair.

Consistently practicing these will not just alleviate the stress on your joints but also enable your muscles to work more effectively in supporting them. These are useful for those with a nine-to-five, seven-days-a-week lifestyle.

Select the Right Footwear

Select the right footwear

Wearing ill-fitting shoes can wreak your ankle joints, throw you off posture, and affect the other joints in your body.

High heels, for instance, shift your center of gravity forward, putting more weight on the front of your feet, on your knees, and your spine. It can also increase the chances of ankle sprains and can cause you to trip or fall.

Favoring orthopedic and supportive shoes, on the other hand, can provide you with cushioning, support, and proper alignment for both your feet and your joints. Adding features like insoles and other shoe inserts can help distribute your weight more evenly, lessening the strain on your joints.

Pay Attention to Your Joint Pain

Consulting your primary doctor or a specialized one can help you pinpoint where and what is causing your joint pain. Specialists can diagnose specific joint issues and provide appropriate treatment for joint-related injuries.

They can also assist you in finding the right treatments and available options that can address it. Their personalized insights and recommendations can guide you as you navigate your lifestyle journey.

Key Takeaway

Taking proactive steps now can significantly enhance your joints as you age. Merging these good habits into your daily lifestyle can maintain healthy joints and preserve them for years to come.

Elevate your lifestyle and your joint health by finding the right supplements today. Learn more by visiting our website or contact us today for a healthier, balanced lifestyle.

5 Habits for Better Joint Health

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