How to be a Distributor of USANA

What is a USANA Distributor?

USANA creates nutritional supplements, healthy foods, personal and skincare products. This is a company dedicated to helping you make the most out of life — and that includes giving you the chance to create an engaging and sustainable business. Through their business model, they create the best opportunity for direct selling success through their network of distributors around the globe. Becoming a USANA Distributor is a departure from traditional multi-level marketing schemes. Instead, being a USANA Distributor means becoming a part of a supportive, knowledgeable, and professional community.

Why Should I Join the USANA Distributor Network?

No previous experience is necessary for you to join the USANA Distributor Network. All you need is a willingness to learn, a passion for healthy living, and the desire to help others improve their lives. It only takes your honest effort for you to start building a profitable and enjoyable downline organization. Depending on your ambition and results, you can even start earning back your initial investment as early as your first week. All it takes is sharing USANA’s products with others! And, unlike traditional jobs, you have multiple ways of earning income.

How do I join the USANA Distributor Network?

Joining the USANA Distributor Network is simple. Aside from your requirements, you simply fill up the USANA Philippines Distributor Application form, sign it, initial the back page and send it to the company’s Makati office. If you know one, you can also ask your Sponsor to help you enroll. In this method, your Sponsor will log onto the USANA website with their credentials and help you order your Starter Kit and other initial products online. You can also sign the Distributorship Agreement digitally through their online account.

What are the Requirements for Becoming a USANA Distributor?

USANA requires a few things from all their Distributor applicants:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age, not considered a minor in your country of residence;
  • Must reside in a geographic area where USANA has been approved for business;
  • Must have read the USANA Policies and Procedures, and the USANA Binary Compensation Plan;
  • Must have submitted an original signed Distributor Application and Agreement to USANA;
  • Must have purchased USANA’s Business Development System, more commonly known as a Starter Kit (unless prohibited by your country’s laws);
  • Must provide a current and correct correspondence address and phone number where you can be reached;
  • Must have a valid Philippine Identity Card and Tax Identification Number.

USANA is required by Philippine law to withhold income tax on all commissions, which is why they require a Tax Identification Number from all applicants who wish to become a Distributor. If you currently do not have a valid TIN, you should obtain one before continuing your application.

How Do I Earn Money From the USANA Distributor Network?

There are six ways you can earn money from the USANA Distributor Network. They are:

Retail Sales

You can purchase USANA’s products at their special preferred price, and sell them to your customers at their retail price — earning you an immediate profit. This is the surest method of earning immediate income.

Weekly Commissions

You can build your business by placing new members on both the left and right sides of your organization. Each of USANA’s products has point values, which begin to accumulate when you and your members purchase products for personal use and re-sell to customers. You’ll receive weekly commissions based on your sales volume and accumulated points.

Lifetime Matching Bonus

For all Associates you sponsor, you can receive up to a 15% match of their commission volume for the duration of their USANA business. The percentage you earn is based on your status, which you can learn more about here.


Based on your performance, you can be rewarded with luxury travel packages, prizes, and other privileges through USANA’s incentive programs and contests.

Leadership Bonus

Each week, 3% of the company's commissionable sales volume is divided among qualified Distributors and Associates of high ranking. If qualified, your share is calculated based on your leadership rank, and how your business centers performed in the current and previous week.

Elite Bonus

Each quarter, 1% of the total company commissionable sales volume is distributed amongst the top 60 income earners of the previous quarter. If you qualify, your share is calculated based on your position within the top 60, as well as your actual earnings for the current quarter, among other factors.

What is USANA’s Compensation Plan?

USANA’s Binary Compensation Plan is centered around their model of Business Centers. A Business Center is where the majority of your business-building activities take place. This is where your product purchases, volume, and sales accumulate. To put it simply, it’s like opening a physical store for your business. When you begin as a USANA Distributor, you have the choice of opening one or three Business Centers — it’s completely up to you. You can read more about how these Business Centers operate here.

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