7 Health Benefits of Taking BiOmega Fish Oil Supplements

7 Health Benefits Of Taking Biomega Fish Oil Supplements

7 Health Benefits of Taking BiOmega Fish Oil Supplements

Patricia Torres | January 2, 2022

What are the health benefits of BiOmega Fish Oil Supplements?

  1. Sustains good cellular function
  2. Improves cardiovascular health
  3. Provides nutrition for your brain
  4. Fortifies eye health
  5. Promotes healthier pregnancies
  6. Enhances skin complexion
  7. Supports your fitness goals

A good diet that meets all your nutritional needs always includes omega-3s. These fatty acids play an integral role in your health your entire life — so eating seafood, nuts, and beans is important as you get this nutrient from these foods. 

But, it’s difficult to find them in good quality and quantity, so taking supplements is another way to do so — like USANA’s BiOmega supplements. The health benefits of adding this to your diet make it easy to get all the fatty acids you need to improve your well-being. 

Want to know more about the health benefits of BiOmega supplements? Read on!

What are BiOmega Fish Oil Supplements?

BiOmega supplements are specially formulated with premium quality, and highly purified fish oil sourced from whole seafood. They provide a concentrated dose of long-chain EPA and DHA, which have been found to support important functions in your body. And, long-chain EPA is more potent than other forms of fatty acids, which means you don’t have to consume as much to receive great benefits to your health.

BiOmega combines these fatty acids with a dose of vitamin D to support their role in your body’s health. Plus, these supplements are flavored with lemon oil to remove fishy aftertaste. Powerful and easy to take, these supplements can do great things for you, such as:

Sustains good cellular function

BiOmega starts its work at the foundation of your health — your cells. Omega-3s play key roles in cellular structure and function. They are part of your cell membranes, influencing their rigidity and fluidity. 

A healthy amount of omega-3s (which BiOmega supplies) is needed to maintain a balance that your cells need to regulate the water, oxygen, nutrients, and other compounds that they absorb and use in their daily functions. Omega-3s in your cellular membrane also support how your cells send and receive communication signals.

Beyond that, they are used to produce eicosanoids. These are hormone-like substances that trigger many processes in your body, including vascular contraction, blood clotting, immune function, and stress responses. BiOmega is vital for supporting other aspects of your health due to its broad impact on cell function. 

Improves cardiovascular health

Improves Cardiovascular Health

The omega-3s offered by BiOmega is rich with benefits for every aspect of cardiovascular health, such as:

  • Studies on EPA and DHA show that they reduce the risk of coronary heart disease overall. 
  • More research shows that EPA and DHA help your body maintain healthy levels of high-density lipoprotein (a.k.a. HDL, the “good” cholesterol) in your blood, which is important for healthy arterial function and blood flow.
  • High levels of omega-3s are associated with maintained, normal blood pressure levels.
  • Regular consumption of omega-3s is also linked to endothelial health and arterial flexibility, which is important for healthy blood circulation.

Provides nutrition for your brain

Your brain controls everything from breathing, to memory, to balance, to mood. To control these functions, your brain needs to be fed — and omega-3s are the beneficial fats it needs most. 

As mentioned earlier, these fatty acids are a major component of your brain cells’ membranes. A good supply of omega-3s is needed to maintain healthy and fluid brain cells. In this condition, they can send and receive chemical messages between neurons. This is vital for normal bodily function and impacts complex cognitive processes.

Fortifies eye health

Fortifies Eye Health

DHA from BiOmega is needed in your eyes as well. They form the light-sensitive part of your eyeball, which sends optic signals to the brain to create visual images. Lots of DHA is needed to protect eye cells, support photoreceptor membranes, and preserve good eyesight. Additionally, DHA is used to lubricate your eyes. It does this by supporting the secretion of oil glands in your eyes. This helps you maintain normal vision and eye comfort.

Promotes healthier pregnancies

BiOmega also has numerous health benefits for those who are expecting. It’s a quality prenatal vitamin that delivers the fatty acids you and your baby need to have healthy fetal growth and a stable mood postpartum

BioOmega also delivers these benefits without the risk of contaminants or pollutants. Many pregnant women avoid seafood as it may be low-quality and contain high levels of mercury, which can harm their baby. 

BiOmega supplements can support your baby’s health even after birth. In breastfeeding, mothers provide important nutrients from their diet to their children, which they need to grow healthy and strong. Supplementing with BiOmega while you’re breastfeeding is scientifically proven to support your baby’s development in the following skills:

  • Visual recognition
  • Memory and learning
  • Verbal intelligence
  • Fine motor skills
  • Social skills
  • Communication skills

Enhances skin complexion

Enhances Skin Complexion

Nutrition plays a huge role in how your skin looks. You can enhance the appearance of your skin and achieve a healthier complexion by taking our BiOmega supplements as part of your beauty routine. 

BiOmega supplements supply the fatty acids your skin uses to maintain skin cell barriers. With strong yet fluid membranes, your skin is less likely to lose moisture and luster. This helps you avoid dry, droopy, and tired-looking skin even as you age. 

Supports your fitness goals

Exercise is needed to keep your body in its best shape. BiOmega supports regular exercise and helps you achieve your fitness goals by contributing to your metabolic health and healthy joint function. 

Studies show that supplementing with omega-3s helps people improve both their resting and exercise metabolic rate. This in turn helps your body maintain weight loss, muscle mass, and healthier levels of body fat.  

Other studies show that joint function is also improved through the omega-3 intake. BiOmega strengthens and repairs the cartilage that protects your bones from wear and tear. For those who regularly exercise or engage in strenuous activity, this is an especially important benefit. 

Key Takeaway

Omega-3 from seafood and other sources is needed for a healthy body. A concentrated form of these fatty acids, the health benefits of BiOmega Supplements offer powerful support for your organs — such as your heart, brains, eyes, and more — by targeting the source of your health, your cells. 

If you’re interested in taking a supplement backed by expert medical professionals and hard science, buy some BiOmega from Essential Supplements today! At Essential Supplements, a licensed USANA distributor, we put your health first and deliver products that work, and work well.

7 Health Benefits of Taking BiOmega Fish Oil Supplements

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