5 Things You Should Do Every Day for Better Health

5 Things You Can Do To Stay Healthy Every Day

5 Things You Should Do Every Day for Better Health

Patricia Torres | September 24, 2021

What are things I have to do every day for better health?

  1. Make time for some exercise
  2. Catch up on sleep
  3. Stay hydrated and moisturized
  4. Take probiotics
  5. Manage your stress

All the health and wellness advice out there can be overwhelming. The checklists of dos and don’ts are long and often complicated and inaccessible for many. But did you know that making your lifestyle healthier can be quite simple? While these tips seem basic, our list of things to do every day for better health is research-backed and extremely effective. Read on to learn which habits you can add to your day-to-day to lead a healthier life. 

Make time for some exercise

Woman doing squats

It is a well-known fact that staying active leads to a longer, healthier life. What makes many people reluctant to start is the misconception that high-intensity cardio and heavy lifting are needed to reap the health benefits of exercise. The truth is that even a simple walk is more than enough to improve your overall health. The key here is to squeeze in whatever activity you can or feel comfortable with, whether that be jogging, yoga, or even just active stretching. 

To make the most out of your exercise, make sure you’re supplying your body with the nutrients it needs to keep you energized. The easiest way to do so is to take a protein shake like Nutrimeal by Essential Supplements. High in protein and fiber, it is the perfect drink to fuel your workout of the day.

Catch up on sleep

Woman sleeping

Sleep is critical for our bodies to relax and recover from our busy days. Unfortunately, many people fall short of restorative rest. This can be caused by stress, sleep disorders, and fixations (e.g. watching shows, social media, and video games). All of this is at the cost of our health — without proper sleep, we become susceptible to memory problems, mood swings, and weakened immune systems. 

If you’re struggling to rest a full 8 hours every night, try to adopt healthier sleeping habits. Give yourself a curfew, turn off your digital devices, and avoid caffeine. Taking melatonin pills like Pure Rest from Essential Supplements is also an effective yet non-addictive way to regulate your sleep and get restful shut-eye.

Stay hydrated and moisturized

Spreading moisturizer on hand

Hydration is one of the key factors for all of our bodily functions. Water is what keeps your brain focused, your heart healthy, your joints lubricated, and your skin vibrant. It’s important to drink up. Furthermore, you should keep yourself moisturized. If you don’t, skin conditions like eczema, dryness, rashes, and more could crop up, which is detrimental to your overall wellness.

Aside from drinking more water, you should consider using day creams and lotions. A skincare product like Essential Supplements’ Protective Day Cream is perfect for those with sensitive skin, and also protects them from harmful UV rays.

Take probiotics

USANA Probiotic (14 packets)

To maintain a healthy digestive and immune system, you need to have a healthy balance of ‘good’ bacteria — probiotics — in your body. When you fall ill, ‘bad’ bacteria enter and knock your body out of equilibrium. Taking in more probiotics can fight them off and restore balance, which helps you recover and feel better. 

Aside from promoting a more robust immune system, probiotics also:

  • Improve digestion.
  • Create vitamins.
  • Support the cells that line your gut, preventing bad bacteria in your food from entering your bloodstream.
  • Break down and absorb medication effectively.

Eating fermented foods like miso, kefir, kimchi, and the like is a good way to take in probiotics. You can also try probiotic supplements if these foods are not widely available in your area. Essential Supplement’s Probiotics are a convenient blend of good bacteria in a tasty snack. Take it on the go, or add it to your Nutrimeal!

Manage your stress

Woman stressed from work

Everyone experiences stress from time to time — it’s a natural reaction to life experiences. However, too much long-term stress can negatively affect our mental and physical wellbeing. Chronic stress can cause mood swings, headaches, insomnia, inflammation, and a weakened immune system. Over time, these symptoms can develop into more serious conditions, such as heart problems, fertility issues, mental disorders, and more.

To maintain your health, managing your stress is of paramount importance. An active lifestyle, adequate sleep, and time for hobbies can greatly reduce your stress levels after a hard day. Taking detoxifying supplements like Hepasil DTX from Essential Supplements can also fight against the physiological effects of stress.

Key Takeaway

Maintaining your health and even improving your lifestyle can be achieved with a few simple habits. Following our list of things to do every day for better health will help you lead a more balanced, wholesome way of life. 

Essential Supplements’ goal is to help our customers start their wellness journey with ease. Our high-quality, nutrient-packed health products are guaranteed to give you the boost you need to transform your life. 

5 Things You Should Do Every Day for Better Health

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