5 Healthy Ways to Detox Your Liver

5 Healthy Ways to Detox Your Liver

5 Healthy Ways to Detox Your Liver

ways to detox your liver
Patricia Torres | July 18, 2022

What are the best ways to detox your liver?

  1. Adopt a liver-friendly diet
  2. Use liver-supporting supplements 
  3. Reduce the toxins from your daily routine
  4. Give your gut some helpers
  5. Sweat it out

The liver is an important organ in the body. Its responsibilities include breaking down and filtering out toxins that could harm your health. But, with certain lifestyle choices and habits, your liver can become damaged. As a result, it can’t do its job of detoxing the body as well. When this happens, your liver needs to be detoxified. Here are the best ways to detox your liver. These help it get back on track and do its job to keep you healthy!

Adopt a liver-friendly diet

adopt a liver-friendly diet

You don’t need fancy veggie smoothies or an all-liquid diet to detox your liver. All you need is a balanced and liver-friendly diet. This means you should aim to add more diverse nutrients and phytonutrients, particularly those that are proven to support your liver.

This includes foods like almonds, berries, citrus fruits, green tea, lentils, artichokes, beets, broccoli, and the like. And, you need to take in plenty of water — at least 8 glasses per day. This diet promotes good digestion, which then helps your liver detoxify easier.


Use liver-supporting supplements 

Use liver-supporting supplements 

You can also boost your liver health with some very specific supplements. These contain nutrient and plant bio-actives that are known to protect liver cells and help in filtering out toxins. 

One great example is Essential Supplements’ Hepasil DTX. This USANA product in the Philippines is a comprehensive supplement specially made to promote and balance the body’s detox processes. To do that, it uses a few key ingredients: milk-thistle extract to stimulate enzymes in the liver; green tea extract, Olivol®, and turmeric to provide great antioxidant protection and promote liver health. This powerhouse supplement is the only one you need to restore your natural detoxification process! 


Reduce the toxins from your daily routine

You may not like hearing this, but more toxins can be introduced to your system from the indulgences and vices you enjoy daily. This includes things like processed sugars and fats, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, and the like. Reducing these things from your routine can give your liver a much-needed break to recover, which allows it to tackle detoxifying your body afterward.


Give your gut some helpers

Give your gut some helpers

The more healthy your gut is, the more effective your digestive system is at filtering out toxins. As a result, there’s less work for your liver to do, and your body won’t be overloaded with toxins. 

One of the best ways to achieve a healthier gut is to give it a powerful helper: probiotics. These are “good” bacteria that encourage the growth of helpful flora and fauna in your gut, creating a happier, healthier gut. 

You can normally find them in fermented foods, like pickles or sauerkraut. Or, if you’re not a huge fan of those, then you can also take our Probiotic supplements from USANA. Simply add one to your favorite drink, and bottoms up!


Sweat it out

Lastly, make sure to sweat it out. This not only helps you maintain a healthier weight, which is always good for your overall health, but it also helps detoxify your liver. It elevates your heart rate and helps your body flush out toxins naturally. 

If you’re not used to exercising regularly, start slow. Incorporate routines like walking to get started. Then, make your way up to more intensive workouts, such as running or high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes to get a good sweat in regularly. 


Key Takeaway

If you’ve been wondering how to help out your liver through natural, healthy means, you’ve come to the right place. These are the best ways to detox your liver — they’re holistic, and are all about supporting the liver so it can perform optimally!

5 Healthy Ways to Detox Your Liver

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