Should Protein Shakes Be Drunk Before or After a Workout?

Should Protein Shakes Be Drunk Before Or After A Workout

Should Protein Shakes Be Drunk Before or After a Workout?

Patricia Torres | December 29, 2023


  • Taking protein is necessary for better performance and muscle enhancement.
  • Drinking a protein shake before a workout optimizes muscles for exertion, prevents breakdown during intense exercise, induces a feeling of fullness, and supports muscle adaptation to training intensity.
  • Consuming a protein shake after a workout accelerates recovery by halting muscle breakdown, promotes lean muscle growth through essential amino acids, elevates energy levels, and mitigates inflammation by reducing inflammatory responses.
  • Nutrimeal Protein Drink Mix by Essential Supplements PH offers three different flavors and is recommended for those looking to enhance their protein intake.

Protein, an essential nutrient vital for muscle growth and repair, is frequently incorporated into shakes by individuals actively participating in physical activities. The ongoing discourse about the most effective timing for the intake of protein shakes—whether before or after a workout—has captivated attention.

In this article, we will shed light on this frequently asked question, should protein shakes be drunk before or after a workout?

Benefits of Drinking a Protein Shake Before a Workout

Benefits Of Drinking A Protein Shake Before A Workout

When doing resistance work, your goal is often to grow lean muscle or to lose fat while retaining the muscle you already have. And ideally, you need some protein to be in your system before you start working out. Pre-workout shakes are a convenient way to absorb protein.

The following are the benefits of drinking protein shakes before a workout:

Fuels our Workout

Incorporating a protein shake into your routine emerges as a strategic tactic to optimize your muscles for impending physical exertion.

The amino acids derived from the protein play a pivotal role in initiating the process of muscle protein synthesis, a fundamental aspect of muscle building and tissue repair. This thoughtful pre-workout regimen is poised to positively impact muscle performance, potentially leading to improved outcomes during exercise.

Minimizes Muscle Breakdown

When you engage in intense exercise, your body can start breaking down muscles for energy. Drinking a protein shake before your workout helps prevent this by giving your body amino acids it can use right away. It’s like a protective step to stop your muscles from breaking down, especially if there’s a long gap between your last meal and your workout.

Helps You Feel Satiated

At times when you are ready to work out yet you haven’t eaten yet or you don’t have the time to take a full meal, taking a protein shake will help you to suppress hunger and even will let you feel full.

Boosts Muscle Adaptation

Taking protein shakes can fuel you before your workout since it will help you boost your muscles to adapt to the intensity of the training. If you’re preparing for an extra tough workout, most research suggests that protein supports muscle endurance.

Benefits of Drinking a Protein Shake After a Workout

Benefits Of Drinking A Protein Shake After A Workout

Since a tough training session is very stressful on the body, what you need after this is some high-quality protein to help rebuild and repair the damage that was caused. A fast-acting protein shake is ideal for helping your body’s recovery. There’s also the added convenience of taking protein shakes after working out if you’re in a rush after working out and don’t want to take solid food.

The following are the benefits of drinking a protein shake after a workout:

Repairs Muscle Breakdown

Your muscle fibers are breaking down while you work out, so if you consume protein afterwards is going to help you in stopping that process. Protein is going to minimize muscle breakdown during the training and also speed up the recovery process.

Builds Lean Muscle

It is best to consume protein within 30 minutes to an hour after your workout to maximize its impact. Not only is post-workout protein for gains but the essential amino acids it contains are a major building block in growing lean muscles.

Boosts Your Energy

If you’re feeling exhausted after a long and intense workout, you wouldn’t think of having a full meal. Research says that a protein shake can boost energy and recharge any lost fluid you sweat out. If you don’t have an appetite, a scoop or a gulp of protein makes it easier for you.

Reduces Inflammation

After an intense workout that can cause tears in your muscle fibers, your body reacts to this damage by increasing inflammation. Chronic inflammation is linked to some serious health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis. The good thing is, high levels of protein can minimize the breakdown and reduce inflammatory response.

Key Takeaway

After determining whether you prefer protein shakes before or after a workout, the key is to ensure you meet your daily protein needs. Regardless of your fitness goals, making sure you get enough protein remains a fundamental priority.

Taking protein is necessary for better performance and to enhance your muscles but you should always think about which option best suits your lifestyle and preferences.

One of the best options is to try the Nutrimeal Protein Drink Mix which comes with 3 different flavors brought to you by Essential Supplements PH. Contact us today for your purchase!

Should Protein Shakes Be Drunk Before or After a Workout?

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