5 Benefits of Multivitamins for Women

5 Benefits of Multivitamins for Women

5 Benefits of Multivitamins for Women

Patricia Torres | May 18, 2023

What are the benefits of multivitamins for women?

  1. Improved mood
  2. Stronger muscles
  3. Higher energy
  4. Lower anxiety levels
  5. Other healthy effects of multivitamins

Supplements and multivitamins like USANA products in the Philippines have various health benefits. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the multivitamins that specifically benefit women, since we want to give special emphasis to the females in our lives—moms, grandmothers, wives, sisters, daughters, and female friends.

This article on the benefits of multivitamins for women focuses on how natural supplements can boost their mood, muscles, energy, and anxiety. At the end, you’ll also find a list of other general benefits all women can take advantage of. Keep reading to know which vitamins make the most impact, and how they can improve women’s health today.

Improved Mood

Improved Mood

Socially, women are known to be the more emotional gender. Many women are susceptible to sudden mood changes, which are more commonly known as “mood swings”. The exact reason for this is still up for debate—some say it’s biological, that hormone levels in female bodies tend to fluctuate and cause an imbalance, while others say it’s social, that women undergo a lot of stress and pressure from their communities that makes their patience wear thin.

Regardless of the reason, both hormonal changes in a woman’s body and unnecessary stress can take a toll on her mood throughout the day. Fortunately, certain studies have found that certain multivitamins can improve mood, especially for women. Specifically, these are the B vitamins, particularly vitamin B-6 and vitamin B-12. Taking these daily can help regulate mood in the long run.

Stronger Muscles

Aging can cause muscles to become weak. This process is mainly triggered by free radicals which damage the muscles, cells, proteins, and DNA. With the ever-popular antioxidant vitamin C, free radicals in the body can be neutralized.

Aside from vitamin C, vitamin D also plays a significant role in keeping bones and muscles healthy by regulating the levels of phosphate and calcium in your body. Older women tend to naturally produce these minerals at a slower rate, so it is highly recommended that they take these vitamins.

Higher Energy

Taking multivitamins can produce higher levels of energy. With more energy, it is easier to perform day-to-day tasks and other activities.

This is especially helpful for women who are prone to feeling fatigued. Magnesium, iron, zinc, vitamin C, and even vitamin E are vitamins that support energy production in the body.

If you, your mother, sister, or a female friend feel drained of energy despite getting enough sleep and eating healthy, it might be because of a lack of the aforementioned chemicals. Fortunately, taking multivitamins can help you jump-start your day feeling lively and active.

Lower Anxiety Levels

Women are more susceptible to anxious thoughts—and hence stress—since it is part of their nature to appeal more to emotions. Worries, dreaded anticipations, and overthinking habits contribute to mental stress that causes higher levels of anxiety in women.

Fortunately, multivitamins have the capacity to alleviate the mind and reduce anxiety. Although taking vitamins is not a total cure for having anxiety, women who suffer from high levels of it can benefit from the effects of multivitamins. With calcium, vitamin B6, and magnesium, their bodies can fight off cortisol, which is a stress hormone, and reduce feelings of anxiety.

Other Healthy Effects of Multivitamins

Multivitamins play various roles by providing different nutrients our body needs. For instance, vitamin B-12 regenerates nerves after damage, facilitates DNA production, and stimulates the growth of blood cells. Ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, is an antioxidant that protects our bodies from free radicals that cause cancer and other chronic diseases. On the other hand, vitamin D regulates phosphate and calcium levels, which are good for maintaining healthy gums, teeth, bones, and muscles.

Known for its many therapeutic effects, magnesium is vital in aiding over 300 enzymes, lowering blood sugar levels, promoting good sleep, and keeping us calm. Potassium has its primary role in regulating the heartbeat, synthesizing proteins, metabolizing carbs, as well as ensuring that muscles and nerves function properly.

Aside from making proteins such as hemoglobin and myoglobin, iron can increase energy levels and boost brain functions. Zinc, one of the most important minerals in our bodies, is essential for a better immune system, wound healing, blood clotting, as well as thyroid functions.

Where to Get Your Multivitamins

Where to Get Your Multivitamins

Multivitamins may not be a cure to any disease, but they are a key ingredient in the prevention of nearly all illnesses. Having these nutrients in your body means staying healthy and able to function properly—and you can source these nutrients from food, the sun, exercise, and the like.

But a good way to ensure that you get all the nutrients your body needs is to take multivitamins. These supplements typically have the recommended and balanced dosage of vitamins that you need in a day, so taking them daily gives you all the benefits you need without overdosing.

Key Takeaway

Multivitamins are dietary supplements that promote a healthier lifestyle. Taking multivitamins is definitely a worthwhile addition to your daily routine. This article on the benefits of multivitamins for women stressed their effects on mood, muscles, and energy, but there are many more advantages of taking multivitamins that women can enjoy as they work, play, and develop.

USANA PhytoEstrin is an essential supplement for women who are in the stage of menopause. It contains ingredients such as chaste berry powder and black cohosh, which can help relieve symptoms associated with the condition. While its main benefit is to relieve the symptoms of menopause, these tablets also have many general benefits for women’s health.

For more supplement products for women or inquiries about how supplements can benefit your health, send us a message today. We are always glad to hear from you!

5 Benefits of Multivitamins for Women

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